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Outdoor Kitchens

For the outdoor cooking enthusiast having an outdoor kitchen is the peak of the cooking experience.  Having a great Bull BBQ is the best grilling experience you can get. However an Outdoor Kitchen is the real deal.  By bringing in together all the items we normally find in a kitchen such as; Fridge, bbq, pizza oven, sink and a cooler, all your cooking needs will be at hand.  No more travelling in and out to get the marinated chicken from the fridge.

The Bull Range of Outdoor Kitchens comes to your home in an easy Plug-and-Play format, so you are ready to start enjoying your cooking experience and entertaining your friends and family in no time.  

Our Outdoor Kitchens are kitted with Bull BBQs and other Bull accessories and components.  These components are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, thus offering a unique return on your investment; an investment that will give you years of enjoyment and memories.
A number of finishes are available for your Bull Outdoor Kitchen. There are a number of options for the bases, both in terms of colour and finishes, whilst a selection of tiles are available for the top, making sure that your outdoor kitchen fits in with your decor.

Studies have shown that by investing in an outdoor kitchen you will be increasing the value of your home, thus installing an outdoor kitchen is also an investment in your real estate.

All in all the Bull Outdoor Kitchens are designed to offer a great centre spot for the Outdoor Cooking enthusiast, by bringing together all the materials one would expect from a kitchen, thus making cooking a great experience.
For more information we suggest you either visit one of our dealers, or alternatively we would be happy to answer your queries.  Contact Us here.

Bull master - Q Outdoor Kitchen Island
Item No: #31004 #31005
The Master Q BBQ Island is perfect for a more compact backyard or patio with great entertainment capabilities. It will become the center of your outdoor cooking and entertainment and inspire the...
More info
Bull Power - Q Outdoor Kitchen Island
Item No: #31006 #31007
The Power Q - Outdoor Kitchen is a wonderful addition to any smaller backyard or patio area. It comes standard with a refrigerator to keep your beverages and food cold for all your entertainment...
More info
Bull Power BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Island
Item No: #31008 #31009
The Power BBQ-Outdoor Kitchen utilises the same counter top as our most popular Outdoor Kitchen: the "BBQ." The small design maximises the counter space and minimises the space needed to...
More info
Bull Power-Q Raised Bar
Item No: #31012 #31013
The Power Q Raised Back Bar adds a bar to our "Power Q" design. This is a great option for a smaller backyard entertainer who is looking for a bar area to serve cocktails or to present...
More info
Bull Rodeo - Q Outdoor Kitchen Island
Item No: #31024 #31025
The Rodeo - Q Outdoor Kitchen has all the capabilities to provide an intimate outdoor cooking and dining experience in an effcient design package. Its rounded seating counter space is perfect for...
More info
Bull Outdoor Kitchen Island
Item No: #31010 #31011
This Outdoor Kitchen island is one of our first and most complete outdoor barbecue kitchens. This design provides a backyard entertainment centre and the space to handle all of your outdoor...
More info
Bull BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Island
Item No: #31014 #31015
The BBQ Outdoor Kitchen is perfect for grilling your favourite recipes. The 'L' shaped BBQ design will become the centre of your outdoor cooking and entertainment.
More info
Bull OCTI - Q Outdoor Kitchen
Item No: #31016 #31017
With the octagon-shaped seating area: the Octi - Q Outdoor Kitchen provides a more intimate setting. This island will become the centre of your backyard entertainment and provide a great place to...
More info
Bull Raised Deca - Q Outdoor Kitchen
Item No: #31084 #31085
One of our newest islands: the Deca - Q Outdoor Kitchen is a great option for any backyard grilling enthusiast.
More info
Bull Leisure - Q Outdoor Kitchen Island
Item No: #31027 #31028
The Leisure - Q Outdoor Kitchen is one of our newest and largest islands. Its great designs allows for comfortable seating for up to 8 adults. With two circular bars on each side of the Angus 4...
More info