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BBQ Components

The Bull Europe barbecue components are addons you can add to your Bull Islands. Using only the highest quality materials these components will add a stylish finish to your Bull Island, but can only be used in your custom made outside barbecue kitchen island.

Drop-In Stainless Steel Side Burner
Item No: #60008 #60009
A convenient component for boiling you pasta or making a sauce.
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Premium Double Drawer Outdoor Rated Refrigerator
Item No: #17400CE
IPX4 rated. Withstands extremes of weather. UV-safe Stainless Steel manufacture.
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Slide-In Double Side Burner
Item No: #30008-LPG / #30009-NG
A nicely designed component matching your Bull Grill Profile. Boil your pasta and simmer your sauce simultaneously.
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46cm Bar Caddy
Item No: #85624
The 46cm Bar Caddy includes an ice bin with removable lid: removable condiment tray: and towel holder to complement your outdoor island and make serving guests easy.
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Searing Station: Slide in Design
Item No: #94008-LPG / #94009-NG
If a Searing Burner is just not an option: this accessory enhances your grilling capacity. - Not CE Certified
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Power Burner
Item No: #96000-LPG / #96001-NG
Extremely Powerful Component for cooking Large Stews or Wok Stir Frying - Not CE Certified
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Refrigerator - Stainless Steel Front Panel - Not Outdoor Rated
Item No: #11002
Stay cool' is not just great advice for living: it's an absolute mantra for cooking: it's a true culinary disaster when your ingredients spoil. Refrigeration is needed to keep your...
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Premium Commercial Outdoor Refrigerator Series ll
Item No: #13700CE
IPX4 rated. Withstands extremes of weather. UV-safe Stainless Steel manufacture.
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Bull Outdoor Rated Kegorator
Item No: #17900
An outdoor kitchen for beer lovers is simply not complete without a draft beer system. With the BULL Outdoor Rated Kegorator you can take your pouring power to the great outdoors. Constructed of...
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76cm Bar Caddy w/sink
Item No: #97623
The 76cm Bar Caddy is a larger caddy which includes a sink with a faucet: cutting board: removable condiment tray: ice chest with removable lid and a bottle opener for the ultimate grill master.
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