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Grilling Baskets

Grilling made easy by Bull Europe. These grilling baskets make barbecuing easier. Can be used with your Bull BBQ or on any other berbecue, or as part of your outdoor bbq kitchen island setup.

Stainless Steel Square Wok / 30cm (SLT style)
Item No: #24108
Stainless Steel Square Wok has a perforated bottom for more flame-grilled flavor and its handles are rolled for an easy and secure grip.
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Stainless Sausage Grilling Basket
Item No: #24111
Stainless Sausage Grilling Basket has Rosewood handles: holds up to 6 sausages: and is easily adjusted for height.
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Stainless Wire Mesh Shaker Basket with Lid
Item No: #24212
The Stainless Wire Mesh Shaker Basket with Lid prevents small pieces of vegetables and other food from falling into the grill's fire. It can be used for saute or stir fry.
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Stainless Adjustable Corn Grilling Basket
Item No: #24216
The corn grilling basket is essential for grilling corn to perfection. It is adjustable and holds four ears of corn.
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Stainless Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket
Item No: #24109
The Stainless Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket has a flexible wire that expands to fit the shape of your food. It is great for chicken: fish: and vegetables.
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Stuff-A-Burger(R) 2PC Set / S/S Basket & Press
Item No: #24226
Stainless Steel Burger Basket & Press 2PC Set.
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Stainless Single Kabob Baskets / Set 4
Item No: #24113
Stainless kabob baskets allow you to grill kabobs without skewering and are great for vegetables and chicken.
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